Disney Tarot: The Hierarchy

Or, to be a little bit more precise, the higher power. Yes, I renamed The Hierophant, too. To be frank, there was no card of the Major Arkana I had as much trouble with as with The Hierophant. In a way it would have been logical to put a character related to Pocahontas on it, since I picked her to symbolize the High Priestess/The Spirits, but I felt that John Smith is a terrible fit for this particular card. I considered the Shaman for a moment, since he is some kind of religious leader, too, but I didn’t think that he would represent the rigidity of the card. Finally, I ended up with this:


See, I really wanted to transport the hierarchical aspect of the card.  In the Raider Waite Tarot three levels of power are displayed. The clergy, in itself a powerful body when the card was designed, is kneeling in front of the pope who in is supposed to represent the highest power of all, god, indicated by the way one of his hands points towards heaven. In the end, I recreated a similar situation from Cinderella: The Step Sisters, who have the absolute power over Cinderella bow in front of Prince Charming, who himself has to obey a higher power, his father.

When the card is upright, is is supposed to represent commitment, the continuation of tradition, conformity, the identification of a group with one principle, but also loving intentions. I think you can find all this in the situation at hand. The general acceptance of the authority of the royal family, the desire of the king to have grandchildren, and Prince Charming standing between those fractions, fulfilling his commitment, while also representing a power on his own. His father can force him to participate in the ball, he can’t force him to fall in love. He himself has a standing above the guests at the ball, who want his favour, and yet he also owes them to fulfil his role.

This plays also in the reverse reading of the card. Then it stands for restrictions, a commitment the reader doesn’t want, for outdated traditions someone needs to break out. We all know that next Prince Charming will break away from protocol in order to walk towards Cinderella. So if you get this card in reverse, it might be time for the reader to walk away from something, too.

Next week The Lovers are up. Three guesses which Disney Princess pair I picked for this particular card.


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