Disney Tarot: The Lovers

Well, there was certainly no shortage of candidates to represent the card of The Lovers. But I actually settled pretty early on having Snow White and her Prince in the role. Hence the card ended up looking like this:


Well, it is not perfect, because the original card is very intricate and I left out most of the symbols. For starters, there are three figures in it instead of just two, and there are other elements like a flaming tree, which is considered the tree of live in some readings, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

I admit, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the initial reason why my mind jumped to Snow White pretty much immediately. After all, her mistake was to take a bite of an apple, too. But there was more to it, than that. To me, the card of The Lovers is about love in its most innocent form, and who is more innocent than Snow White?

Upright the card can stand for true love, but also for an union or for a good choice. In reverse, it stands logically for bad choices, eventually made out of passion ( it can stand for infidelity) as well as attraction which is purely physical and doesn’t go past the surface. But I chose to believe that Snow White and her Prince lived happily ever after anyway.

Next in line is another card I renamed. The Traveller will take the place of The Chariot in my Tarot. So, until next week.


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