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I love animated movies, I love Disney movies and I love Disney Songs. I like them as stand-alone songs, but I especially like the way how Disney uses music to enhance their movies. Well, most of them. Sometimes though I have the feeling that because of the catchy melodies, it is way too easy to miss how deep some of those lyrics are. Therefore this blog will be dedicated to the relationship between movies and the songs used in them. I will mostly talk about Disney Movies because, let’s face it, they are the expert for original movie soundtracks which are musical worthy. But I will also occasional write about animated movies from other studios. Heck, I might even pick a live action movie from time to time. I have only three stipulations. One, there has to be at least one song with meaningful lyrics in the movie. Two, the songs have to be written specifically for the movie. And three, I won’t talk about musicals which were turned into movies later on.

I intend to write three kinds of articles. For one, those that deal with one movie and how the songs are used in it. Two, those that deal with a special kind of song (Like the love song) and how it is utilized the best. And three, I will occasionally do a “what could have been” article about songs, which were planned for a movie, but never made in the end. I guess, considering the high number of songs available, this means I will have enough material for the blog for years to come. And now, without further ado, my first post: The “I want”-song.